Every summer since 1992, college students participating in SAF's Into the Fields internship are placed with organizations throughout North and South Carolina to help provide essential services for farmworkers. As the CDS-SAF documentary intern, I spent the summer of 2007 focusing on a few of these students to record their stories and to show their summer experiences

Go here to see the story of Adriana Sanchez.

Go here to see the storry of Charlotte Sibley.

Go here to see the story of Maribel Maldonado.

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Adriana Sanchez
Charlotte Sibley
Maribel Maldonado

All photos and audio by Amelia Alexander unless noted otherwise.

Documentary Subjects: Adriana Sanchez, Charlotte Sibley and Maribel Maldonado.

Special thanks to Student Action with Farmworkers and the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Journeys is the work of CDS Documentary intern, Amelia Alexander.