Into the Fields Internship

A life Changing Experience

SAF develops the leadership of college students from diverse backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to work directly with farmworkers in the Southeast.  Each year, SAF trains approximately 20 students on farmworker issues, and places them to work full-time with migrant education programs, legal aid offices, rural health clinics, community-based organizations and farmworker unions. SAF interns increase the capacity of the organizations they work with by outreaching to over 5,000 farmworkers & their families each summer.

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“Farmworkers are not people who need us to swoop in and solve their problems for them. Nor are they all mistreated. They are capable, dignified workers, whose blood, sweat, and tears go into our food, for which we should be grateful. And I think I will definitely go into my future endeavors doing my best to stick to SAF's name and do everything with and not for farmworkers.”  -Shaoli Chaudhuri, Fellow 2012


Ramon Zepeda
Program Director