This November, Student Action with Farmworkers launches our annual grassroots fundraising campaign

During the last five years, more than 75 grassroots fundraisers have increased our individual donor support by raising over $95,000 from over 1600 individuals all over the country. Through our online campaigns, we have seen many alumni make their first donation to SAF, current donors increase their gifts, and new donors contribute for the first time to SAF! Our goal for the 2013-2014 fiscal year is for 25 individuals to together raise $23,000 by conducting an online fundraising campaign during the winter of 2013 or spring/summer of 2014.

SAF uses money raised from individuals to:

  • conduct outreach to students and farmworkers,
  • provide training, stipends, and scholarships for our interns, students organizers, and youth,
  • share documentaries and presentations with the general public, and
  • provide a living wage and full benefits to our staff

To donate, click here. To be a grassroots fundraiser for SAF, contact Melinda Wiggins at and check out our online fundraising guide.


Melinda Wiggins
Executive Director