SAF Celebrates 25 Years with exhibits and events

SAF is proud to celebrate 25 years of working with young activists to improve farmworker lives

During 2017, we'll be hosting a number of documentary exhibitions in NC and DC to share photographs and oral histories of workers who bring food to our tables. We’ll also be using our newly re-designed listserve to highlight stories from the fields, current research, alumni updates, a "look back" at old SAF newsletters, and, of course, ways to take action.

As we launch our anniversary year, we are deeply concerned about the recent executive orders and accompanying lack of value placed on immigrants and refugees. SAF remains in solidarity with these and all impacted communities. We are committed to building a base of young activists working to dismantle oppression and create communities that are welcoming, diverse, and equitable.

We hope you'll join us in this year of organizing young people, celebrating immigrants, and honoring workers.

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