Undocugraduation 2017

Are you undocumented or a DACA student?
Do you believe in education for all?

Join us on Wednesday, May 17th for the 5th annual Undocugraduation to recognize the students in our state locked out of higher education and demand that our representatives pass tuition equity in North Carolina!

Undocugraduation is an annual event with the purpose of recognizing all DACAmented & undocumented students in NC that are denied equal access to higher education.

Schedule for the day:
9am: Welcome & lobby training
10:15am: Meet with legislators
11:45am: Undocugraduation Ceremony
12:30pm: Lunch (off site)
1:30pm: Youth Encuentro
4:00pm: Closing

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May 17, 2017
16 W Jones St, Raleigh
27601 Raleigh , NC
North Carolina US