"Interns worked together and supported the Justice at Smithfield Campaign, visited farmworkers in the fields, completed documentary projects, and participated in Protest theater..." Click here for movie.

The audio and photography on this website documents the 2006 SAF "Into the fields" internship program. I am currently a UC Santa Cruz Community Studies student, working as SAF's documentary intern for the summer/fall. This summer I took an in-depth look into the experiences of just a few SAF interns.

Summer Experiences From the Fields
includes four slideshows which profile the interns' summer experiences within the context of their greater stories of education, struggle and achievement.

Documenting Farmworker Lives includes my experience and those of interns that did documentary projects about farmworkers throughout the summer.

"The first time I saw the workers' housing, I couldn't believe how bad it was. It was different to actually be there and see it, different than what I had seen on TV before..." -Julian Sanchez, 2006 SAF Intern. Click here for movie.
"At our first performance at a farmworker camp, it was really hard, I wanted to cry, but I couldn't because we had to be strong, we had to be there for them..." -Nancy Preciado, 2006 SAF Intern. Click here for movie.
"Una de las cosas mas importantes en mi vida es la musica. Cuando entre en un pequeno grupo de musica, empece a conocer nueva gente, despertar mas..." -Victor Luevano, 2006 SAF Intern. Click here for movie.
Bart Evans is the second UCSC intern to collaborate with SAF doing documentary work. Click here for a short slideshow about his story and reflections from doing documentary work alongside interns this summer.
Interns completed over 13 stirring audio and photo documentary pieces from their work with farmworkers, focusing on their educational aspirations. Click here to see a slideshow containing excerpts from their projects.
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