In the summer of 2007, twenty-four college students came together through SAF's Into the Fields internship. All interns worked for the summer with various nonprofits; each nonprofit, in diverse ways, sought to improve the lives of migrant farmworkers in North & South Carolina. In addition to this, the interns either chose to participate in a theater project or to produce a documentary project. Seven interns participated in the theater project to educate & entertain farmworkers. The rest of the interns created documentary projects of photography & audio recordings; four Sowing Seeds for Change Fellows also produced documentary projects.

Landscape of Stories: stories are like maps--they piece together the places in our lives we've come from & the places we've moved through. We find ourselves in the world through our stories. Like maps, stories lay out borders, can help us to find our way & show us which places need to be paid-attention-to. When looking up the word landscape the synonyms were: redesign, reform, reshape, improve, countryside, geography, environment, surrounding.

And this is exactly what is collected in the landscape of stories from this summer: a call--from these college students--to redesign & reform the environment we live in where the people who grow our food are ignored & forgotten. Also, gathered here, are stories that break apart the assumptions made about the children of migrant farmworkers.

Maps have the power to show you where you are in the world, stories have the power to change the world... as long as we watch & listen. Here, and in the following links, are the photographic & audio stories that document experiences from this summer.

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Yesica's Audio Story

The music used in Yesica's audio story is "Olvidela Compa" by Nortec Collective
Isidro's Audio Story
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Luisa's Audio Story
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Landscape of Stories is the work of SAF's 2007 Documentary fellow, Alix Blair.