2012 Award Winner Laura Valencia

Food Justice: A Global Food Systems Journey

Laura Valencia received the 2012 SAF Petrow-Freeman Documentary Award. Laura was an Into the Fields intern with SAF in 2009, working with Toxic Free NC in Raleigh to produce seven documentary shorts about organic gardening and farmworker justice. 

For the Petrow Freeman documentary project, Laura spent six months in Ethiopia and India working on a transnational digital storytelling project about food justice. She learned about the challenges of digital media education at the grassroots level, and about the role of food justice in social change. Aside from spending time in the field with six to seven organizations in Ethiopia and India, Laura gave workshops on visual storytelling at two organizations in India (Abhivyakti and Swaraj University) and trainings to an NGO staff In Ethiopia (MELCA).

Click below to view Laura’s digital documentary project, Food Justice: A Global Food Systems Journey.
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Read Laura’s Field Notes:
Part 1 – Madhya Pradesh, India
Part 2 – Rajasthan, India
Part 3 – Gujarat, India
Part 4 – Ethiopia

Click through the slideshow below to see more of Laura's photos.

Article: “On Teaching and Learning”
Podcast: Photography, Privilege, and Power (20 min)

This project was supported by and created in partnership with:
Student Action with Farmworkers
Petrow-Freeman Documentary Award
Green the Blue Trust
Dawn of Hope