2014 Award Winner Leanne Simon

Son de Aquí

Leanne Simon received the 2014 SAF Petrow-Freeman Documentary Award. Leanne was an Into the Fields intern with SAF in 2009, working with the National Farm Worker Ministry in Durham, NC to support a campaign by the Farm Labor Organizing Committee against RJ Reynolds Tobacco.

As an intern, Leanne, along with two other SAF interns, documented the story of the Santanas, a farmworker family in NC for the film Más Que Nada. They heard from the matriarch of the family, Isabel, as she described the heartache of leaving home and family in Mexico and her aspirations for her 5 children to attain higher education and rise above fieldwork as a sole option for their futures. Isabel also spoke of her hope that some day the conditions under which her husband and coworkers labor will be improved and that their contributions will be respected.

For her Petrow Freeman documentary project in 2014, Leanne went back to the Santana family to expand on the intergenerational theme of home and apirations, working with the parents and children to interview one another. In this 5 year follow-up to Más Que Nada we revisit the Santana family and get the children's points of view on growing up in the "third-culture," health, field work, and aspirations.

Watch Son de Aquí here.