2016 Documentary Work

Through the SAF 2016 documentary project, Recuerdos y Sueños | Memories and Dreams, we trained 16 students to use the Literacy Through Photography model to learn about farmworkers’ lives, to alleviate isolation of farmworkers who are separated from their families, and to raise awareness of farmworkers among the larger public as they read, see, and hear the stories of farmworkers themselves.


During two participatory workshops:

  • Students and farmworkers shared a meal and icebreaker at the farm labor camp
  • Farmworkers created drawings of maps that focus on memories involving identity, culture, dreams, and farm work
  • Students and farmworkers collaborated to make photos based on the map drawings
  • Students learned about zines at their mid-retreat workshop. They compiled the map drawings and photographs into zines and took them back to their second meeting with workers
  • Students conducted video interviews with farmworkers to tell the story of their map and personal experiences

The projects were in partnership with local Migrant Education Programs at area schools. Students received an orientation training in the LTP documentary model, documentary ethics, and technical skills in video interviewing and photography.

Take a look at the zines students and farmworkers created together to share stories of their lives:

Eastern NC



“… For me it would be a great milestone for this country to recognize that all Mexicans fight for this country… to acknowledge us… because we make every effort to get ahead in this country.” 
– Junior, NC Farmworker


"…My grandmother, she is the one who instilled in me the need to always be a good person. Always earn our daily bread, never give up, never refuse work...”
– Jesús, NC Farmworker





Western NC



“... I like to play soccer very much. It’s a lot of fun… I mean… it helps me forget everything that happens. Or what is happening in life. You can then forget your sadness for a while, I don’t know. Sickness. Lots of things.”
– Deivi, NC Farmworker

"Well, I dedicate this to my uncles, well, because they were in an accident in Orlando when they were on their way to North Carolina: You are the sadness in my eyes that cry silently because of your goodbye. I look in the mirror and I see your face. I have suffered because of days gone by. Alone now”.
– Fredy, NC Farmworker




South Carolina


“… When picking peaches… when the harvest begins, if there are peaches you can’t just leave them if it’s raining, if there’s thunder… if there’s a strong storm it doesn’t matter, you have to be there (working).”
– Silviano, SC Farmworker

“…The danger… well, it’s very far from home, around three days away. And you can be robbed, mugged… Two years ago, we were mugged—we were robbed. That’s what it means to be away from home—the risks. Oh, about my baby… yes, when he was born—he was born one day before my birthday, and I was in the hospital for three days… and it’s beautiful to see him grow and everything, although right now I’m far away from him. He will be 10 months old and I’ve been here three—three months without seeing him.”
– Nicasio, SC Farmworker