2020 Messages

During this year’s National Farmworker Awareness Week we are highlighting documentary work by Student Action with Farmworkers' Into the Fields interns who work with farmworkers in the southeast each summer. Through oral history interviews and participatory documentary workshops, students and farmworkers share stories and learn about each others' lives. The theme for this year's messages is a visual alphabet made by farmworkers and students representing a word that farm work means to them.

Wednesday, March 25 | HOME | HOGAR
Thursday, March 26 EMIGRAR |  EMIGRATE
Friday, March 27 | SHADE | SOMBRA
Saturday, March 28 | BREAK | DESCANSO
Sunday, March 29 | UNITY | UNIDAD
Monday, March 30 | TRAVEL | VIAJAR
Tuesday, March 31 | GROWTH | CRECIMIENTO

Wednesday, March 25

"Home is the most beautiful thing we have, but sometimes we have to leave for a while. But it’s worth it so that we can have a better life."
– NC Farmworker, 2019


Take Action:
+ Help protect farmworkers in your state. Participate in the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP) long sleeve shirt drive by collecting long sleeve shirts and bringing them to a drop-off site in your state, or by organizing a drop-off location in your community.


Thursday, March 26


"I traveled from Queretaro to North Carolina by bus. It took me 40 to 50 hours to get to my job picking apples. It’s been hard because I miss my family, but I’ll be back soon.”
– NC Farmworker, 2019

Take Action:
+ Know your rights on immigration and deportation



Friday, March 27


“In summer the sun is very hot and can burn your skin. That’s why you have to cover yourself, drink a lot of water, and use sunscreen.”
– NC Farmworker, 2019


Take Action:
+ Ask your Congressmember to support a national heat stress standard




Saturday, March 28

“Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs. Time to rest, relax!
– NC Migrant Education student, 2019

Take Action:
+ Tell your Congressional representatives that farmworkers deserve overtime



Sunday, March 29

“United we stand, divided we fall. The point is while we are together, we can make a stand."
– NC Migrant Education student, 2019

Take Action:
+ Partner on the Bandana Project to raise awareness about the widespread workplace sexual violence that farmworker women suffer



Monday, March 30

"To travel to Mexico after working hard; to go back to see family. Thank God we are fortunate to have an H-2A visa and be agricultural laborers. We hope to go back and enjoy some time with family and friends.”
– SC Farmworker, 2019


Take Action:
+ Support the Farm Labor Organizing Committee's (FLOC) Vuse boycott campaign by writing and mailing a letter to your local Circle-K convenience store


Tuesday, March 31

“Farmworkers grow the food we eat every day. SAF students use the summer to grow as activists.”
– SAF interns, 2019


Take Action:
+ Pledge to boycott Wendy's, and take action on Coalition of Immokalee Workers Wendy's campaign



+ See the full visual alphabet zine made by farmworkers and migrant education students here.