Access to Education

Through the Adelante Education Coalition, SAF works with other advocacy, organizing, and community organizations to create a supportive and welcoming community for Hispanic/Latino and migrant students and their families in North Carolina.

Through collaborations with schools, community colleges, and universities, we raise awareness and rally support for improved educational opportunities for Hispanic/Latino students. The Adelante Education Coalition documents Hispanic/Latino and migrant students' educational experiences, develops resources for Spanish-speaking students, parents, and educators, works to promote equality, dignity, and respect for all Hispanic/Latino students within the school system, and strives to increase access to higher education for undocumented students.

Adelante's Let’s Learn NC Campaign is all about fairness, opportunity and equal access to education. Let’s Learn NC advocates for the same college tuition for ALL North Carolina students, because higher education should be equally accessible to all state residents. Currently, undocumented students are charged out-of-state tuition—which is four times higher than in-state tuition—even if they meet all the other residency requirements as other students (including a physical presence in NC for 12 continuous months). The campaign seeks to increase college access for immigrant youth, organize grassroots student leaders, families & allies, increase awareness and public support for students, and enhance advocacy organizations to create a unified voice.

We believe that North Carolina should integrate Hispanic/Latino and migrant youth into our communities, cultivate their talents, and enable them to become integrated, educated, and contributing members of our community.

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