Alumni Survey Results

A big thank you to the alumni who completed our alumni survey last fall. Here is a little of what we heard about how SAF has impacted our alumni:

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"SAF opened my eyes to the unique importance that farmworkers play in our everyday lives. Thanks to them we eat, yet the very people who feed us sometimes aren't afforded the rights and protections they deserve." 
– Heide Hernandez Jimenez

"SAF is an organization that I will always support with all of my heart and it impacted me in a way I will never forget. This organization made me more aware about the lives of farmworkers and all of the issues my family went through. I will always support farmworker's rights and will always be a resource to them."
– Beatrice Santiago-Martinez
"I am much more confident in the person that I am. I feel more compassion towards those being treated unjustly."
– Patti Cortez
"My SAF summer was one of the major transformative experiences of my life, where I decided to pursue a career working for social justice."
– Sandy Preiss
"Through SAF I realized I was not the only first generation college student from a farmworker background who wanted to fight for justice and speak up for those who do not have a voice."
– Jessica Betancourt Medina
"SAF was my first experience learning about how I can do more than just learn about social justice - it taught me how I can do something about it by sharing the truth, being an ally, empowering and advocating for others and educating myself."
– Andrea Barreto