Autry Fellowship 2021-22

MDC recruits a talented and passionate recent college graduate each year to work one full year as a paid staff member at MDC. The Autry Fellow works on a range of projects addressing pressing issues of equity in the South.

Applications are posted in early October and due in mid-January.

The ideal Autry Fellow is deeply committed to advancing social equity and access and is eager to support the mission of MDC—equipping Southern leaders, institutions, and communities to improve economic mobility and advance equity.

MDC believes that each Autry Fellow has something unique and fresh to bring to MDC’s work. In turn, MDC provides Autry Fellows with an experience that will enhance their understanding of social change and help further them on their individual path to promoting equity.

The Autry Fellowship celebrates the life and perpetuates the work of the late George B. Autry, founding president of MDC. He led MDC for 32 years with a passion for improving opportunities for people and places struggling to keep pace with economic and social change.