Education is the first step to promoting greater understanding of farmworker issues throughout our communities! 

We recognize that we as a community are responsible for learning more about those who work hard to bring food to our tables. Building awareness of farmworker struggles and providing space for analysis is a vital aspect of advocacy for farmworkers and immigrants. SAF uses documentary as a tool for educating communities about farmworkers' lives, aspirations, cultural traditions and skills.

SAF uses popular education throughout our work.  We believe in people coming together to discuss problems of injustice and inequality and learning how to confront these problems collectively.  We all have knowledge and experiences and believe we all should have an equal opportunity to participate in the classroom, in workshops and planning sessions.  There can be resistance to popular education; we have to unlearn how we learn.  SAF uses popular theater to inspire dialogue about issues that farmworkers face, and creates a space for farmworkers to share their experiences and participate in theater performances.  Popular theater is a great tool for outreach and education in communities.    

To get a better understanding of SAF's work and of the lives of farmworkers, take advantage of our education resources.  Use these resources in your classroom, your church, your organizations, your research and your life.