Featured Videos

Featured Videos

Farmworkers Are

(Duke Story+ Project, 2018, 1:06min)
A video short using images from the SAF archives that confronts myths about farmworkers.

Telling my truth: Farmworkers share their stories (English)

(Duke Story+ Project, 2018, 2:34min)
Stories and images of what we've heard from farmworkers about their lives, their work, their hopes and dreams


This is SAF

(Duke Story+ Project, 2018, 3:05min)
A glimpse into who SAF is, what we believe in, and the work we do.


La Vida Diaria | Daily Life

(Robyn Levine, USA, 2011) 2011 SAF Fellow Robyn Levine documents  the experiences of a group of migrant farmworkers who live together and work in the Christmas tree fields in Boone, North Carolina. La Vida Diaria presentation guide.

Cruzando Caminos | Crossing Paths

Documentary work by SAF interns from 2010-2012, edited by Sarah Garrahan.These are the stories of past and present African American and Latino farmworkers struggling to create a livelihood in the face of some of the most challenging working conditions in the United States.


Más Que Nada | More Than Anything

A view of life for a migrant family living in limbo to work the tobacco fields of North Carolina so they can raise six children up right in the very place where they were born. Film by D.L. Anderson based on the documentary work of April Leanne Simon, Dayana Diaz and Jennifer Gonzalez - 2009 SAF (Student Action With Farmworkers) Into The Fields Interns.

Jose Learns About Pesticides

A fun video about pesticide safety for children. Produced in collaboration  with the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Program's (AFOP) Children In the Fields Campaign.
English | Spanish

Manos Sin Identidad | Many Hands, No Faces

A short video documentary of migrant laborers in the fields of North Carolina by 2009 SAF intern Laura Valencia.


Echando la mano | Working with and for Family

(Nandini Kumar, Katie Cox Shrader, and Abigail Bissette, USA, 2011) Exploring the theme of family in labor lore: how cell phones connect farmworkers to their loved ones far away, how they distract themselves from loneliness, and how the community in the farmworker camp becomes a sort of family during the long season of work in the fields.


Cosecha Venenosa | Overworked and Under Spray

2011 SAF Fellow Abigail Bissette, in collaboration with Toxic Free NC, made this film highlighting North Carolina farmworker children’s stories of being sprayed with toxic pesticides while working in the fields.




Joanna Welborn
Communications Arts Director