Harvest of Dignity

The Farmworker Advocacy Network (FAN) is an active, dynamic statewide coalition that advocates for legislative changes that would improve conditions for farmworkers and bring justice and dignity to the agricultural system in North Carolina. FAN includes SAF and many other organizations that bring legal, health, academic, labor, and experiential knowledge to the table to raise workers' voices, engage the public, coordinate academic and policy research and advocate for change.

FAN's current legislative campaign, Harvest of Dignity, takes its cue from Edward R. Murrow's infamous & groundbreaking CBS report, Harvest of Shame, which aired on Thanksgiving day in 1960. IT'S BEEN 50 YEARS since the film aired, and conditions still remain deplorable for farmworkers here in North Carolina. Join the campaign to say It's been long enough--It's time for a Harvest of Dignity!

Watch the film Harvest of Dignity.

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