Ideas for Action + Social Media

Ideas and Actions

Here are a few ideas of how you can take action on your campus and in your community:

  • Invite a panel of farmworkers to speak on your campus or community. Contact a local farmworker union or community organization.
  • Organize a teach-in or presentation about farmworker issues. You can find farmworker facts here that you can use to create a presentation. And you can use short documentaries found here.
  • Host a farmworker-related film screening and discussion, such as our highlighted film this year, Harvest of Dignity. Click here for the film and discussion guide.
  • Use our sample agenda with links to videos, discussion prompts, interactive activities, and action steps you can share with your audience.
  • Download our farmworker factsheets and make table tents to put in your cafeteria.
  • Write letters to the editor to raise awareness among the general public. Find a template in our media guide.
  • Stage a rally or march to show your solidarity with farmworkers.
  • Check out SFA, CIW, PCUN, UFW, and FLOC to see what campaigns they need students and community members to support.
  • Apply for a mini grant to help cover the cost of your event.
  • Still not sure what to do? Check out the report of National Farmworker Awareness Week 2019

#NFAW 2020 Participate in our Social Media Actions:

+ Like the National Farmworker Awareness Week Facebook page!

+ Follow us on Instagram @farmworkerawareness as our partners each take a day of the week to highlight the work of their organization through our "Pasa la Papa" Instagram takeover

+ Use hashtag #NFAW2020 and @farmworkerawareness when you tweet about your NFAW event!

+ Use our poster image or banner image as your cover photo on Social media for the week. Download them from our Materials and Resources page.

Things to do at your events:

  • Collect Photo Postcards- Take a photo of yourself holding up asign that states why you support farmworkers with your name, city, and state.
  • Use our Media Guide to get your message out about your event and about farmworkers to news sources.

Speak out! Take Action in your community this spring and add your voice to the movement for farmworker justice by adding your event to the NFAW calendar. Search for events in your community here.


Victoria Nwankudu
Grassroots Organizer