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A Life-Changing Experience

Many people don’t think about where their food comes from; they just go to the grocery store and buy it, unaware of the people who produce it.  Farmworkers have one of the most dangerous jobs and are among the lowest paid workers in the U.S. They face discrimination, heat illness, pesticide exposure, poor housing, and low wages. Farmworkers have a long history of organizing, standing up for better working and living conditions through labor unions and community organizations. By participating in ITF you can be a part of this tradition!

How would you like to spend your summer supporting the people who plant and harvest the fruits and vegetables you eat every day? Through Into the Fields you will support farmworker agencies and organizations and get trained on the issues surrounding farmworkers’ lives and the broader context of the agricultural industry. Each summer, Student Action with Farmworkers places approximately 25 college students with organizations that serve, organize or advocate for farmworker justice. SAF interns come from diverse backgrounds and about half are from farmworker families.  Check out the SAF blog to read intern experiences.

Internship & Fellowship Program Video

Where You'll Work

Most interns live & work in rural agricultural areas in the Southeast- we place you at an organization based on your skills & interests. All placements consist of at least 50% office work as well as some outreach to farmworkers, their children, or meat processing workers.  Check out SAF’s partners page to view a list of past sponsoring organizations.  Placement types:

  • Legal Assistance positions provide free legal assistance such as "know your rights" trainings, educational materials, translation, assisting lawyers with paperwork & research. Outreach varies but can be 1-3 times/week.
  • Health Agency positions provide health education (ex. pesticides, nutrition), interpretation, case management & coordinate transportation to clinics. Outreach varies but can be 2-5 times/week.
  • Migrant Education positions advocate for improved educational opportunities for Latino, migrant & immigrant youth. Interns may teach ESL classes, mentor students & educate parents about graduation requirements through migrant education programs. Outreach varies but can be 1-3 times/week.
  • Community Organizing positions support projects that benefit the community or create awareness. Interns have organized “know your rights” trainings, assisted with community gardens, produced short documentaries about working with pesticides & developed a bike program for farmworkers.  Outreach is less frequent but can be 1-2 times/week.
  • Union/Labor Organizing positions support field & meat processing workers as they organize their workplace for better working conditions and pay.  Interns may support meat processing workers to join or form a union, file grievances against their employer, organize events, create awareness in the community about consumer boycotts and farmworker led campaigns.  Outreach is less frequent but can be 1-2 times/week.
  • Lobbying/Advocacy positions engage in the legislative process and work with state-wide coalitions on key issues such as tuition equity.  There are approximately 2 positions available. Outreach is limited. (Preference given to Latinos from NC)

Theater & Documentary Projects

In addition to working full-time at a farmworker organization, SAF interns work on one of the following projects:
Documentary students will get to know a group of workers more in-depth by conducting participatory documentary projects with workers to document their lives through drawings, photography, writing and will make zines to use in reflections and discussions about workers' lives. Check out the documentary projects from past years.
Theater students will perform a skit to initiate dialogue among farmworkers and to mobilize them to come up with solutions to the issues they face. Performances take place in labor camps in the piedmont and eastern NC and address issues important to workers; the 2020 topic is occupational and mental health. Check out the theater videos and reports from past years.

Are You Eligible?

To qualify you must be a current college student (including community college) or recent graduate (within 1 year) and speak high-intermediate or advanced Spanish. To be preferenced you must be able to say yes to one of the following:

  • I am a college student from a farmworker family (anywhere in the U.S., SAF preferences CAMP program participants)
  • I am a student currently attending college in the Southeastern U.S.
  • I am a college student from the Southeast (the southeast is your home; you grew up there; your parents still live there, etc.)
  • SAF strongly preferences all non-farmworker students to have reliable cars they can use for the summer.  We accept approximately 12 students from farmworker families who do not have cars they can use for the summer and 13 other students who do have cars.  They are paired together and share transportation during the summer.  Most placements need interns to use their own car to conduct outreach to farmworkers.  In addition to needing a car for their work obligations, interns need it to drive to/from work, grocery store, attend the 3 SAF trainings, to conduct their documentary or theater projects.


  • Fundraise $750 to contribute to SAF's work (waived for UNC APPLES participants)
  • Complete 35-40 hours of volunteer work per week
  • Participate in the entire program from May 31-August 7, 2021
  • Write 3 guided writings/blogs
  • Complete a documentary or theater project
  • Be willing to drive/ travel long distances to trainings and to outreach to farmworkers (1-4 hrs/day, 2-5 days/week) 


$1600 total stipend, free rent in furnished housing, $1700 scholarship upon completion, room and board at 3 free trainings, mentorship and academic credit available.  Out-of-state students from farmworker families receive paid travel to North Carolina.

Program Timeline

Oct 8Application available online
Feb 4Application deadline
Feb 15-24Applicant Interviews
March 12Applicants notified of Selection/Waitlist/Decline
March 21Deadline to accept position or be on the waitlist
Mar 25-31     Farmworker Awareness Week
May 30-31Participants travel to NC 
May 31-June 4     SAF Orientation 
June 7First day of work
July 8-9Mid-Retreat 
August 5Last day of on-site work
August 6-7Final Retreat
August 7-8Participants travel home

Contact Info

María Lopez Gonzalez
Program Coordinator