Jackson Center NNI Program Director

About the Northside Neighborhood Initiative (NNI):

The Marian Cheek Jackson Center is seeking a full-time program director to support the Northside Neighborhood Initiative (NNI), a historic partnership dedicated to renewing and building the vibrant, affordable, and inclusive neighborhoods residents have long envisioned. Managed in partnership with Self-Help Credit Union, the NNI is led by a group of neighbors from every section of the community. Since it was launched in 2015, the NNI has acquired 32 properties at risk of predatory investment into its land bank, built over two dozen units of permanently affordable housing with partner organizations, and welcomed 36 kids to the neighborhood. For the first time in over 40 years, the Black population in Northside is on the rise. The NNI is one of the only models successfully stemming the tide of gentrification and retaining long-term African American residents.

About the Position:

The NNI Program Director will lead efforts to continue to retain long-term neighbors in this historically African-American neighborhood, to attract new neighbors invested in the Northside  community, and to balance a market currently tipped towards student rentals. The Program Director will also co-lead landbank and housing development strategy and spearhead student engagement initiatives. The NNI Program Director will be part of the NNI project team, working closely with colleagues from Self-Help and the MCJC to facilitate a multi-pronged effort to bend the market toward justice in Northside. This Program Director will work alongside our neighborhood leadership group, the Northside Compass Group. The NNI Program Director will also partner with the UNC Office of Off-Campus Student Life and faculty/ university partners to involve UNC students in transformative community stewardship.

About the Jackson Center, www.jacksoncenter.info:

The Marian Cheek Jackson Center is a hub of creative action dedicated to preserving the future of historically Black neighborhoods in Chapel Hill, NC. Advancing community-led and abundance- based approaches to community development, the Center works with over 35 partners to create just and vibrant places through housing organizing and advocacy, to disrupt conventional history through a k-12 curriculum in local, oral, and civil rights history, and to renew the glue in Northside through interactive exhibition and festivity.

At the Center, we aim to do justice by the 150 interviews now held in the Jackson Center’s Oral History Trust. The Center has been recognized for its achievements by, among others, the North Carolina Humanities Council, the MLK Community/University Foundation, the National Communication Association, Preservation Chapel Hill, and The Independent Weekly.

Located in the heart of the Northside community,Center staff work in collaboration with Northside neighbors and friends to respect and to serve histories that, even as they are told, make new history out of Emancipation, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, civil rights struggle, and desegregation. Today Northside and Pine Knolls are among the most racially, ethnically, and economically diverse neighborhoods in the region.


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