Make meaningful work with farmworkers possible

Did you know that 63% of farmworkers are married, 57% have children and that 39% of the workers are living apart from nuclear family members? Family separation is an issue that comes up for migrant farmworkers each and every year. SAF interns and fellows help address the isolation and loneliness that farmworkers face by welcoming them to our communities.

Here are few memorable interactions that SAFistas have had this summer:

• I visited a camp of about 30 men with some of them coming for more than 5 years and had never been visited before. 

• Throughout this week I have spoken to at least 100 migrant farmworkers. I have heard at least 30 life stories and difficulties they have faced through out their stay here in the U.S. 

• My most meaningful experience this past week was signing up two brothers for the Migrant Education Program. These two brothers were living together, and the eldest one which was 18 was taking care of the younger brother who was 15. Their parents were in Mexico. 

• On Saturday, we had an information table at an event about victims of crime and how being a victim can affect your possibilities for visas.

• I worked with a group of about 20 workers and provided health education on pesticides, heat exposure, mental health, healthy eating, and anxiety.

• I assisted with passing out clothes and food donations to farmworkers before and after the church service.

• At one camp, we stayed after doing the health evaluations and celebrated one of the farmworker's birthdays by talking and eating cake with all of the guys in the house. The farmworker really missed his family and said us visiting was the highlight of his day.

• We had our first documentary meeting which was really fun, and it meant a lot to the farmworkers that we spent time with them on Father's Day.

SAF's work is at more than full capacity these days with interns visiting labor camps and training workers on their rights, as well as our increased advocacy for immigrant and worker justice. 

Only with your contribution will 25 young SAFistas be able to have meaningful interactions with 5,000 farmworkers this agricultural season. Please make a secure online donation here!