Opportunities at Mary Reynolds Babcock

The Associate Network Officer will manage existing relationships and identify new ones in specific parts of the region. A member of the program team, this person will help assess grant proposals, conduct due diligence and grow into administering related portfolios.

The Program Director will oversee all grantmaking, coordinate program-related materials for board presentations and manage grant portfolios. This person will work collaboratively with staff to determine grantmaking strategies. A member of the management team, the Program Director will supervise network officers and ensure processes and systems support the Foundation’s mission.

Both positions will share helpful information with grantee partners, represent the Foundation at professional networking events, deepen our continuing racial equity commitment and contribute to public communications in collaboration with the Communications Officer. This is in service to our commitment to transparency, our vocal support for policies beneficial to our partners and Southern communities, and our overarching goal of leveraging sustained, thoughtful investment in the region. Both positions are based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the Foundation will contribute to relocation expenses.    The Babcock Foundation’s board and staff are deeply committed, collegial and enthusiastic. We are driven by the importance of the work, and we draw inspiration and knowledge from the people tirelessly challenging structural inequalities across our region.