RJ Reynolds

SAF endorses the Farm Labor Organizing Committee's Reynolds Tobacco Campaign 

SAF supports FLOC in their efforts to organize workers and bring growers, corporations and farmworkers together to improve conditions for North Carolina farmworkers.  SAF has been supporting FLOC's efforts since before they began working in NC in the early 1990s and actively organized students and other allies in support of the Mt. Olive Pickle Campaign, which ended in victory in 2004.

Every year, tens of thousands of migrant workers travel to North Carolina to harvest tobacco. While the contract between FLOC and the NC Growers' Association has helped end many of the abuses in the H2A "guestworker" program, the majority of the workforce is made up of undocumented workers who are still denied the most basic labor rights. Corporations like RJ Reynolds continue to reap huge profits at the expense of this migrant workforce. SAF is supporting FLOC's efforts to organize tobacco workers that are employed by Reynolds' contract growers.



Justin Flores
Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO
4354 US Hwy 117-Alt S
Dudley, NC 28333