SAF Alumni Survey

“My time with SAF has helped me understand the health disparities in farmworker communities. Coming from a farmworker family and being able to help out in the farmworker community means so much to me. Every new story that I hear continues my drive to continue to advocate for farmworker rights.”
– Karina Ibarra, 2014-20 SAF alum

A big thank you to the alumni who completed our alumni survey last fall. Here is a little of what we heard
about how SAF has impacted our alumni:

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“My involvement with SAF helped me find where my passion is and encouraged me to pursue a career in social justice. I am now aiming towards law school to become a professional in what I was interning in at the North Carolina Justice Center.”
– Giselle Guadiana, 2019 SAF alum
“SAF opened my eyes to the world of social justice. Not only how I can verbalize what I've seen in the world, but also how I can be an active ally and accomplice in the fight for social justice and equal rights.” Brittany Broome, SAF alum 2019
– Brittany Broome, 2019 SAF alum
“SAF helped me understand social justice issues and the role I could play in addressing injustices. My summer in NC helped me step out of my comfort zone, meet people from all over the country with different backgrounds than me, and gain a deep appreciation for documenting stories.”
– Adriana (Sanchez) Saldivar, 2007 SAF alum