SAF Alumni Survey

"SAF es familia y justicia!"
– Alma Hernandez, 2012 ITF intern

A big thank you to the alumni who completed our alumni survey last fall. Here is a little of what we heard
about how SAF has impacted our alumni:

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"I am more aware of farmworking issues and am proud of my background and where I come from. SAF encouraged me to get an education and made me realize that it was possible."
– Selena Ibarra, 2012-2014 Levante youth member/ 2014 Into the Fields intern

"SAF guided me to a career committed to supporting immigrant and worker rights and helped me see the social justice implications integral to the food and immigration systems in the U.S."
– Atlee Webber, 2012 ITF intern

"SAF has inspired me to pursue medical school with the knowledge that I can also be a part of the farmworker movement. My desire to pursue medicine and also be an active agent for social change are not mutually exclusive; they inform each other. My work with SAF has both motivated me and provided me with the support and resources to pursue rural and minority medicine."
– Jaslina Paintal, 2013 ITF intern/ 2016 ITF fellow

"SAF gave me my voice today to advocate for my community. SAF truly shaped me as a leader and helped me find a voice to stand for my beliefs. There's no other organization that has shaped me as much as SAF."
– Christina Vazquez, 2012 ITF intern & 2014 ITF Program Assistant