SAF Statement Against Oppression

For 25 years Student Action with Farmworkers has witnessed discrimination, lack of worker protections, and attacks on the dignity of farmworkers and immigrants. Now more than ever things seem uncertain for agricultural workers and undocumented immigrants, so we want to affirm that we stand in solidarity with these and all impacted communities. SAF will continue to build a base of young activists working to improve the lives of farmworkers and their families. We commit to our values of dismantling all types of oppression, creating a culture where people can bring their full selves, and building diverse coalitions working for social change.

We invite you to join us as we fight for safe places for farmworkers to live and work and stand in solidarity with other social justice efforts:

  • Take care of yourself. Reach out to your support networks. SAF alumni, we encourage you to reach out to your class of SAFistas and to SAF staff to offer and accept support.
  • Inform yourself. Immediate information about DACA can be found on the United We Dream website.
  • Be present and show up at actions in your community. Plan an event for National Farmworker Awareness Week next spring.
  • Allies, share your experiences, knowledge, and support of farmworkers and immigrants with your friends and family, especially this Thanksgiving.
  • Build the movement. Recruit new young activists to join SAF's work.

As we move forward, SAF urges our elected officials to preserve DACA, pass humane and comprehensive immigration reform, oppose mass deportations, increase the minimum wage (and include field workers), and strengthen laws protecting farmworkers.

Sí Se Puede,

The SAF staff