SAF's Year in Review: 2017-2018

Highlights from our work this year:

  • SAF Into the Fields interns & fellows conducted focus groups with 36 farmworkers to learn about their experiences with computers and Wi-Fi hotspots placed in their camps; and provided health education on pesticides, researched garden projects, created ESL lesson plans, and transported workers to doctor appointments 
  • Through our From the Ground Up program, staff and students took action with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Wendy’s boycott, Farm Labor Organizing Committee’s VUSE e-cigarette boycott, Raising Wages NC’s work for increased wages, and Adelante’s tuition equity campaign with undocumented youth 
  • Levante youth presented a poster about a community-based participatory research project on child labor at a national research conference in DC; and received iPads with internet access for the school year, along with training on how to access health information 
  • Solidaridad interns performed in José Learns About Pesticides, a pesticide safety video for children; participated with Levante students in a chicken coop build for a farmworker family in eastern NC and presented to Levante youth about going to college, healthy relationships, and teen dating 
  • We also increased board leadership, giving and fundraising; and held quarterly staff retreats and monthly Learning Thursdays where we learned about disability rights, grassroots organizing, community/self care, sexual orientation and gender identity expression, and discussed the cultural and political context we’re working in 
  • Read more about our work this year here!

Impact on Alumni:

Impact on Farmworkers

After our theater & documentary workshops, workers reported learning about:    

  • issues other farmworkers face in their camps and communities     
  • their rights as farmworkers    
  • information on resources available to them

And reported feeling:     

  • 93% feel more pride in being a farmworker     
  • 88% feel more connected to other farmworkers     
  • 75% feel more empowered to share their personal stories

Technology in the Fields

This year we harnessed the power of technology to create new tools, resources, and means of connection to impact farmworkers and their families. Click to read about our tech work in the fields this year.


Thank you!

Thank you to our many supporters, funders, and partners who have contributed to our work this year. See the full list here. We're grateful for your support on this road to farmworker justice!

+ Read the full annual report here.