Show up for SAF

Will you show up for immigrants, farmworkers, and youth by contributing to SAF’s work?

We know that many of you have been showing up for a long time– sharing your personal stories of working in the fields, attending protests and honoring farmworker-led boycotts, and advocating for immigrant families. We are stronger because of your choice to show up and we are grateful for your support. 

Your contributions allow SAF to train interns and fellows who work with legal aid, health clinics, migrant education and community and labor groups; to innovate through pilot projects such as bringing internet connection to labor camps; and to develop the leadership of farmworker youth and supporting farmworker-led campaigns.

Our work defending immigrant rights, documenting and sharing the realities of farmworkers, and mentoring young people cannot go forward without you.

Show up once again for SAF by making a donation that is significant for you.