Student Reflections

At our recent mid-retreat training, we asked SAF Solidaridad interns and Levante youth members to reflect on "Something I've Learned About Myself" as a SAF participant. Here's a little of what we heard:
  • I learned that I really enjoy facilitating workshops and look forward to the opportunity to do it again. 
  • I often take my educational, professional and personal opportunities for granted.
  • I'm decided. 
  • I can potentially be successful if I put effort into it. 
  • I have changed in the past four years.
  • I try to take on a lot at the moment and tend to think it through later.
  • I have a lot of potential.
  • I should try things before I decide I don’t like them.
  • It’s okay to come from a farmworker background. It’s part of my identity.
  • I enjoy being involved and helping others and being a part of a program.
  • My struggle is not unique to my family. 
  • That I am part of work that people have been doing for a long time and farmworkers, especially, have done for a more just system.