Take Action in support of Tuition Equality

Tuition Equality: Good for our students, good for our state

Let’s Learn NC is a statewide campaign that advocates for the same college tuition for all North Carolina students, because higher education should be equally accessible to all of our state’s young people. Farmworker families’ wages are way below the poverty line, making it impossible for some farmworker youth who want to continue their education. Currently, undocumented students have to pay out-of-state tuition–four times higher than in-state tuition- even if they meet the same academic and residency requirements as other students (including presence in NC for 12 continuous months). Out-of-state tuition rates make higher education impossible for many farmworker youth. 


  • Follow this link to raise your voice with Legislators. You can send an email to your state Senator and your state Representative in support of Senator Hartsell’s 2015 tuition equity bill.
  • Contact Senator Apodaca to thank him for his efforts to ensure all North Carolina students can attend college. Call him at 919-733-5745 or email him at Tom.Apodaca@ncleg.net.
  • Download and distribute a “Let’s Learn Talking Pointsflyer.
  • Submit a photo of yourself with a “Let’s Learn NC” sign – email your photo to TuitionEquityNC@gmail.com.
  • Submit a short video sharing why YOU support the Let’s Learn NC campaign. Ideally, your video will be about 30 seconds (75 words). Share your first name, where you are from, and say why you believe in tuition equality. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and send the link to us at TuitionEquityNC@gmail.com.
  • Get your organization, business, or school to sign a statement in support of Senate Bill 463: Increase Access to Education. You can find a sample at this link. Send your letter of support to us at TuitionEquityNC@gmail.com.
  • Get your college deans and president to sign on to a letter affirming the value of tuition fairness for all NC students. Send your finalized letter to TuitionEquityNC@gmail.com.
  • If you are an undocumented student and have graduated, send a picture with your diploma, county of residence, and graduation year to DiplomaProjectNC@gmail.com. It will be featured at Diploma Project NC.
  • Get involved with one of these local groups:
  • Join our Youth Engagement calls (for high school and college-aged youth), contact Yazmin Garcia-Rico at yazmingr@saf-unite.org, or Megan Walsh at mwalsh@latinamericancoalition.org.
  • Want someone to come to your group to offer a presentation on the need for tuition equality and how to get involved? Click here to request a speaker on educational access and tuition equity.

Continue to check back here and on our events page for updates and new initiatives.

TALKING POINTS (Download the Let’s Learn NC Talking Points for more information):

  • One State, One Rate: College Tuition Should Be The Same For All NC Students
  • When All NC Students Are Allowed to Learn, WE ALL WIN
  • This is an Economic Development Issue
  • These Are Qualified North Carolina Students, Ready for College and Ready for the Workforce