University Program Associate, Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center

This position oversees the day to day functions of the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center in all aspects of its work, including serving as a main program contact by working with the Rotary fellows at every stage of their studies (application process, admissions, arrival/orientation, guidance throughout the academic program and follow-up with alumni); planning and executing seminars, annual conference, visits, and other events; promoting the Center by drafting and producing printed and online materials including website, newsletter and social media; handling problems as they arise, by identifying the cause and effectively directing those involved towards a resolution; working with the Managing Director to act as the liaison between Rotary International and the Rotary fellows; handling general email, post, and phone correspondence; and serving as the administrative associate to the Managing Director. The work of the Program Coordinator can often be complex as it includes liaising between UNC, Duke, the Rotary Foundation as well as with local Rotarians and clubs.

Academic Program Coordination: A major function of the Duke-UNC Rotary Center is to provide supplemental academic programming for Rotary Peace Fellows, in the form of peace-related courses, workshops and seminars (approximately 6-8 each year).
In addition, the Center hosts a handful of small events annually for the general public as well as an orientation session for new fellows in August, a major conference each spring as well as a professional development trip to Washington DC in January.

General Program Administration: The success of the Duke-UNC Rotary Center depends in large part on remaining organized and efficient on two university campuses. Program administration duties include:
• Coordinating the annual application process of Rotary scholarship awardees at both UNC and Duke;
• Coordinating the promotion of the peace center by maintaining the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center website and drafting/editing/producing an annual report with the Managing Director;
• Ensuring accurate record-keeping, attending quarterly center board meetings and an annual board retreat, attending CGI staff meetings and providing programmatic assistance to the Managing Director and other Rotary Peace Center board members.

Communications and Information Administration: A significant part of the position is coordinating and ensuring the smooth flow of information between the Center and applicants/students, university units (at UNC and Duke) and the Rotary Foundation. Duties include handling routine inquiries about the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program;building and maintaining relationships with newly admitted Rotary Fellows as well as providing them with information as they prepare to come to North Carolina; ongoing communication with current Rotary Fellows; providing center information to Rotarians; and supporting the center’s public relations and marketing efforts through the listserv, website, twice-yearly newsletter; and our blog.

The Program Coordinator represents the Rotary Center at UNC and at Rotary Club and District meetings/events in the Triangle, as needed.