Update on SAF’s 1st Student Organizing School!

SAF had a successful year with our newest program, the Student Organizing School (SOS).  SOS is SAF's effort to create a formal program for North Carolina college students who are interested in becoming part of the farmworker movement.  SOS student Christine Contreras reflects on the role of students in social justice, "As student organizers we should and will put just as much effort in ensuring that the injustices faced by farmworkers today will not continue for future generations. With this in mind, I feel as if I not only have the tools but also the motivation to be a strong force in this movement."

The 2010-2011 year was truly successful with 9 students who graduated the program and carried out awareness-raising activities such as: presenting on farmworker issues, coordinating National Farmworker Awareness Week events, participating in service projects in support of farmworkers, and writing letters to their campus and local papers in support of improving farmworker conditions.  Students said the program was transformative and they felt that they could see their progress as organizers. 

“The Student Organizing School has really forced me to organize myself and my goals and that's opened me up to stronger community relationships and more creative tactics."
- Lauren Traugott-Campbell