Voices from the Fields

Through a participatory video development project, Levante youth created Voices From The Fields, an informational video series about occupational and mental health for farmworkers in a TV-show format. The videos will be used by health outreach organizations, and SAF’s summer theater group is performing a play adapted from the videos for farmworker camps in North Carolina.

While creating the project, Levante students learned about the labor conditions and mental health issues affecting farmworkers, reflected on their own experiences with farm work, and gained public speaking skills. The process was guided and filmed by filmmaker Rodrigo Dorfman with help from SAF staff Bianca Olivares, Ramon Zepeda, Andreina Malki and Solidaridad intern Alyson Diaz.

"I especially enjoyed doing a video called Voices From the Field, which informs farmworkers to know facts about working in the fields and giving them tips on how to work efficiently and safely. The video production may have taken hours to do but it was fun ... and changed the way I can feel confident in doing things in front of people."
– Jesús Cabrera, Levante youth member

"I used to be somewhat quiet but because of SAF and my peers, I got to have the confidence to talk in front of large groups of people." – Juan Ibarra, Levante youth member


Video 1 - Physical Health: Heat Stress, protection from the sun

SAF students posing as farmworkers harvesting sweet potatoes


Video 2 - Physical Health: Pesticides, water consumption/hydration, stretching and work injuries

SAF student posing as farmworker in the fields


Video 3 - Mental Health: Feelings, communication, family separation, technology

SAF student looking sad with the word "triste" written on image


Video 4 - Mental Health: Strategies, coping mechanisms, learning English

SAF students playing guitar and sitting in laundromat