What SAF interns + fellows are working on

Here is what SAF interns + fellows are working on in the fields:

  • While doing health assessments at patients' homes I came upon one particular patient that needed more than health-related help. Since they gave me permission to speak of their situation with a legal advisor, I was able to call Legal Aid and talk to them about the situation. 
  • This week I provided diabetes education, delivered vegetable boxes, and presented on sun exposure at the Benson Area Medical Clinic. Based on a need I saw, I started a sunglasses donation drive. 
  • Last week I was able to get in contact with one of the leading experts in H-2A tax regulations. He was incredibly helpful in answering my questions and I now have much better informed answers for farmworkers. I am starting a long-term project to create a new tax information flyer that can be printed and used for future outreach.
  • I was able to reach a group of farmworkers who were not being paid what they were guaranteed and connected them with South Carolina Legal Services' to file a lawsuit against their employer.
  • This week I worked in a mobile clinic and was able to shadow and translate for a doctor. I've really been enjoying health outreach both because I like getting to know farmworkers and speaking with them as well as spending time with health outreach workers.