What We're Working On

  • Levante students evaluated the program and their participation in Wake Forest University School of Medicine's child labor project during their last meeting of the year in early May. Six Levante students lobbied for tuition equity at the NC General Assembly during Undocugraduation, and participated in a youth encuentro with youth from across the state.
  • Into the Fields interns & fellows completed their week-long orientation where they participated in workshops about the history of farm work in the Southeast, camp outreach protocol, SAF's pro-equity values, and our documentary and theater work, and went to the NC General Assembly to advocate for in-state tuition for undocumented students. At their mid-retreat, interns and fellows took action in support of farmworker rights with FLOC’s VUSE boycott and immigrant rights through the keeping immigrant families together march in Raleigh.
  • We're currently recruiting for Solidaridad, our academic-year internship. Solidaridad interns build advocacy and organizing campaigns, assist with our farmworker youth program, and increase our communications. Apply or share with a friend here.
  • The Into the Fields documentary workshops with farmworkers are going great. The project is titled "What We Carry | Lo que llevamos" and centers on discussions we're having with workers about photos or objects they carried with them here and new memories they want to create. Workers are making images and collages that the students compiled into zines at mid-retreat to take back to workers. 
  • The Into the Fields theater group has performed at 3 different camps in central/eastern NC. Over 90 farmworkers have seen the theater play titled "Las promesas se las lleva el viento". Shout out to our host organizations Lenoir County Migrant Education Program, Piedmont Health Services, and Episcopal Farmworker Ministry.
  • Four computers with hot spots have been installed at 3 theater camps and 1 documentary camp and we are working with a consultant to assess the project.