William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations now accepting Nominations and Applications

The William C. Friday Fellowship is a nonpartisan leadership development opportunity for North Carolinians prepared to transform their communities by improving human relations. The fellowship centers relationship building across difference and asks fellows to translate courage, curiosity, and creativity into lifelong connections and meaningful collaborations across the state. Friday Fellows are encouraged to lead with courage, speak their truth, engage differences with civility, collaborate to solve problems, and embrace equity and justice. 

Since its founding, the Friday Fellowship has graduated over 200 cross-sector leaders. The fellowship understands leadership as a practice that can transform an increasingly polarized North Carolina. Fellowship classes intentionally include representation from different types of leaders and communities. This means that Friday Fellows lead in different ways: some in professional positions of authority and others in community contexts. Coming together across difference, fellows build community with one another and commit to practices of integrity, intention, and inclusion in their lives and leadership.

The core of the fellowship experience is a radical commitment to growth and learning in the context of relationship building. Fellows from all walks of life are invited to stretch their capacities to see, hear, and learn from other perspectives as a way to imagine and create a more unified North Carolina. The selection process intentionally brings together a class of fellows who might not otherwise meet or engage with one another. The Friday Fellowship believes that connections forged across difference have the capacity to transform lives and communities across the state.

Candidates for the William C. Friday Fellowship are committed to leadership in North Carolina, model humility and continuous learning, and are courageous risk takers seeking to create innovation through their work in the world.

Candidates for selection must 1) document at least three years of North Carolina residency, 2) model leadership in their communities; and 3) commit to full participation in the two-year fellowship experience. The application process for the next class of Fellows began in November 2019.