Latino Migration Project Building Integrated Communities Fellowship

The Graduate Research Assistant will conduct research for a Community Assessment and Mapping initiative with Building Integrated Communities, a planning initiative that works with local governments, immigrants and refugees. This position includes conducting demographic research using census and other government data, conducting virtual interviews with immigrant stakeholders, and translating research into materials for general public consumption.

Preferred skills include: bilingual in Spanish and English, knowledge of ARC GIS software, familiarity with US Census data, ability to work independently.

*Due to COVID, in-person experience may be limited and safety measures will be taken into account when designing fellowship activities and goals.

Amount: $5,000

Term: AY 2020-21

Eligibility: Doctoral students in humanities and humanistic social sciences enrolled in a degree program in one of sixteen departments in the College of Arts & Sciences*

Application Due: Monday, September 21, 2020

Supervisor: Hannah Gill, Program Director