About Us

SAF works with farmworkers, students, and advocates in the Southeast and nationwide to create a more just agricultural system. Since 1992, we have engaged thousands of students, farmworker youth, and community members in the farmworker movement.

SAF changes the lives of middle, high school, and out of school migrant youth through the Levante Leadership Institute.

SAF trains, mentors, and supports NC college students to develop organizing skills and become leaders in the farmworker movement through our Solidaridad internship.

SAF mobilizes hundreds of college students through our Into the Fields internship and fellowship. SAF interns & fellows provide much-needed skills, energy, and time to farmworker organizations and receive a life-changing, educational experience in return.

SAF reaches out to thousands of community members by raising awareness of injustices in the agricultural industry through our From the Ground Up program. We use actions, presentations, publications and email alerts, to inform and mobilize students and community members around current legislation, consumer boycotts, and other justice efforts initiated by farmworkers. We coordinate an annual national week of action, Farmworker Awareness Week, to raise awareness about farmworker issues on our campuses and in our communities.